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Lost Combination / Safe Malfunction

So you’ve lost the combination of your safe? Don’t worry,  you’re not the first person to do it and you won’t be the last. Look at it this way, at least you know that the safe does what you paid for and your possessions are safe!

If you’re certain that the code you are using is the right one you may have a malfunction. Either way we have an easy to follow 2 step guide to regain access to your safe:

Step 1 - Don’t panic

Step 2 - Call 03 9568 6344 to report the fault

What you do after that is up to you. Watch some television, read the paper, jump on the internet (not literally), whatever. Once our qualified locksmith arrives he will do what he does best. Upon gaining access to your safe he’ll run through the operation with you to ensure you’re comfortable with using the unit and changing combinations.

We highly recommend that you have your safe serviced annually to ensure correct operation. If you can’t remember the last time you had your safe serviced it may be beneficial to book this in to be done at the same time to save another call out.


Safe Servicing

When was the last time you had your safe serviced?

You probably view your safe like a cupboard. You open it to put things in and close it to hide things away. In reality the similarity ends there. Your cupboard has no moving parts except for a set of hinges. 

The truth is that your safe has more in common with an army tank than a cupboard. It’s built to withstand an assault from the outside but has many internal components that need to be maintained. All moving parts require lubrication and servicing on a regular basis to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Without this preventative maintenance parts will eventually cease up and / or wear out rendering the operation of the unit useless. 

This isn’t a big deal with a cupboard as the hinges can be easily removed and replaced when damaged. However, as a minium all safes will have at least one set of boltwork, a lock body, and an input device (either dial, key, digital keypad) built into the door. The mechanism that allows a safe to be locked and unlocked is a precision instrument set with a very low tolerance to provide higher security. If any of this fails to operate correctly it’s not going to be easy to open the safe.

A service should include removal, testing and lubrication of the lock where required. All operating parts and the door should be tested checked and adjusted where necessary. A service interval is based on the amount of times your safe is operated. For a safe being used every day, a service every 12 months should be done. We can set up a service schedule for you to ensure this is done professionally and efficiently. A regular service can eliminate lockouts, saving money, lost productivity and downtime.

Sometimes there will be signs that the safe isn’t working properly. More often than not though there will be no warning. 

Call us on 03 9568 6344 to book your service.


Safe Repairs

If you don’t feel that great you go to the doctor. If your safe isn’t working that great call us. Waiting until it won’t open can be an expensive mistake to make. Once you are faced with a lock-out it can often cost several hundred dollars just to get the safe open (often requiring drilling), before repairs can even be made. Plus not only do you have to repair the original problem, now you may also need to repair the drilled opening.


Safe Combination Changes

Some safes have mechanical combination locks that are user changeable. Others are definitely best left to the professional! While the actual procedures may differ from one manufacturer to another, the basic idea is the same.


Safe Installation

Safes really don’t provide much protection if someone can simply pick it up and carry it out the door. To prevent this, small to medium sized safes should be bolted down to the floor

Note that Data Cabinets cannot be bolted down. They may be glued, but this will mean that they would possibly need to be destroyed in the event of them having to be moved or re-located.


Safe Sales

Oakleigh Locksmiths sell all types of safes. We can advise you on the most suitable type of safe to suit your needs but before we can there are some things that you will need to determine. 

  • What is the cash value of the goods to be protected?
  • What is the size of the goods to be protected?
  • Is a Fire Rating required? If so will you be storing paper or computer records?
  • Where will the safe be located within the premises. We recommend that the safe be bolted to a concrete base or chemically bonded (permanent) if not installed to a concrete base.
  • What type of locking mechanism would you prefer? Key lock, Combination Lock, Digital Keypad?
  • Does your insurance company have any specific requirements to reach certain cash rating levels?


Not all safes are built equally. Some are designed to withstand physical duress. Some are designed to withstand fire conditions. Some are designed to incorporate resistance against both physical and fire assaults. 

A Home Safe with a Fire Rating will have reduced burglary protection, as in these instances metal content has been sacrificed to limit heat conduction. Some safes and cabinets are designed solely for Fire Resistance, and will offer very limited protection to even a simple force attack. Such units should not be used for protecting cash and valuables.


Convenient and simple. However, the key is generally quite large and not convenient on a key Ring. Under no circumstances should you hide a key on the premises. Also bear in mind that a copy can be made without written authority from the owner.


Reliable and flexible, as most combination locks allow the owner to select and change a code (Home Safes will often have a combination lock with pre-set code that cannot be changed). The dialling procedure can be a nuisance for those with poor eye sight or a shaky hand, or where light is dim.

Digital KeypadDigital

Convenient, simple, and now very reliable. Although it will generally increase the price of a safe by at least $300 it allows the owner to select and change codes with relative ease. The more sophisticated the keypad, the more functions are available.


Stocked Safes


Platinum Safes

Not only has Platinum Safes set their focus on the development of premium quality safes that are offered to the market at the most cost effective and value driven prices, they have succeeded. All safes are designed by security engineers and have been manufactured ti high safety and quality standards.

Their range is quite extensive and covers a very broad field including: Commercial, Residential, Deposit, Drug, Fire Resistant, and Hotel safes.

Online brochures are coming soon but in the mean time please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or to have some information sent to you.

Yale Safes

Yale SafesYale have been looking after people's homes and their favourite things for over two hundred years and understand that the truest form of security is the freedom to enjoy living life to the full, without worry.

The New Yale Safe Collection has been designed to provide just that. As one of the world's best known, and preferred, leading lock brands it's their mission to help consumers live more carefree lives. Combining the latest technologies and materials with new research and centuries of experience add up to the creation of a range that meets the most demanding requirements.

Feel free to download the brochures by clicking on one of the following links:

Fire Safes

Home Safes


Upgrade to Digital Keypad

Upgrading your combination lock to an electronic lock will provide a host of benefits to you. These include easier operation, higher security and allow faster and easier combination changes. Electronic locks can have audit trails to let you know who opened the safe, and the time and date it was opened. Depending on the model you have the option to issue separate combinations to employees, lock out certain users during pre-determined times, dual users, time delay and duress alarm. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.