Automotive Locksmith

Vehicles have changed dramatically over the years becoming more fuel efficient, looking better, and being more secure than ever before. Remember the days when you could use a mate’s key to open your car? We do too, but vehicle security has changed for the better.

Nowadays there are hundreds of different key types just for vehicles and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The evolution of security in vehicles has been taken to then next level. Practically every car that rolls off of production lines throughout the world is now fitted with transponder technology.

It’s a great innovation that involves installing a computer in the vehicle to correctly identify a coded signal sent from a chip in the key. Upon confirmation that the code is correct the vehicle will allow the engine to start when the key is turned. If the key is cut correctly but the coded signal differs to that in the computer, the key will still turn but the engine will remain immobilised.

As with key types there are quite a few different types of transponders with some car manufacturers opting to use their own brand. This means that a broad range of specialist equipment is required in order to provide additional keys, manufacture keys to lost vehicles, and re-programming vehicles if keys have gone missing.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of training to stay up to date with the latest methods in addition to the significant amount of equipment required. This can be quite daunting with many locksmiths opting to avoid this type of work altogether.


Here at Oakleigh Locksmiths we are armed with the latest automotive tools and knowledge available in the industry and are trained to tackle any job including:
  • Automotive locks repaired / replaced / rekeyed / keyed alike
  • Broken keys extracted and replacement manufactured
  • Manufacturing keys to all types of vehicles and machinery
  • Onsite cutting of keys to code
  • Opening of all types of vehicles and machinery
  • Transponder keys cut / supplied / programmed

If you are looking for automotive locksmiths in Melbourne, make sure you choose someone that can do the job right. Your vehicle is an integral part of your family and work life, so be certain to choose a qualified professional.

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