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Oakleigh Locksmiths sell all types of safes. We can advise you on the most suitable type of safe to suit your needs but before we can there are some things that you will need to determine.

  • What is the cash value of the goods to be protected?
  • What is the size of the goods to be protected?
  • Is a Fire Rating required? If so will you be storing paper or computer records?
  • Where will the safe be located within the premises. We recommend that the safe be bolted to a concrete base or chemically bonded (permanent) if not installed to a concrete base.
  • What type of locking mechanism would you prefer? Key lock, Combination Lock, Digital Keypad?
  • Does your insurance company have any specific requirements to reach certain cash rating levels?

Not all safes are built equally. Some are designed to withstand physical duress. Some are designed to withstand fire conditions. Some are designed to incorporate resistance against both physical and fire assaults.

A Home Safe with a Fire Rating will have reduced burglary protection, as in these instances metal content has been sacrificed to limit heat conduction. Some safes and cabinets are designed solely for Fire Resistance, and will offer very limited protection to even a simple force attack. Such units should not be used for protecting cash and valuables.


Key Lock

Convenient and simple. However, the key is generally quite large and not convenient on a key Ring. Under no circumstances should you hide a key on the premises. Also bear in mind that a copy can be made without written authority from the owner.



Reliable and flexible, as most combination locks allow the owner to select and change a code (Home Safes will often have a combination lock with pre-set code that cannot be changed). The dialling procedure can be a nuisance for those with poor eye sight or a shaky hand, or where light is dim.


Digital Keypad

Convenient, simple, and now very reliable. Although it will generally increase the price of a safe by at least $300 it allows the owner to select and change codes with relative ease. The more sophisticated the keypad, the more functions are available.

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